Yarra Valley is the perfect climate for growing cherries

The cold days are especially important for the development of Cherries. Cherry trees require a certain amount of what we call ‘Chill hours’. Some varieties require as little as 400 hours and others as high as 900 hours. These are calculated on the number of hours below 8oC each day from 1 May until the end of August. The hours between 8oC and 12oC are useful also, but If it gets over 12oC these ‘hours’ will subtract from the day’s total. Too many of these hours of 12oC+ means we may not achieve the required ‘Chill hours’.

We carefully select our Cherry varieties here at Yarra Valley Cherries to take full advantage of the Yarra Valley’s chilly days and nights to achieve their required ‘Chill hours’. We work on an average of 600-650 “Chill hours”.

If we don’t achieve the required amount of ‘Chill hours’ the trees may not be ready to wake up and break into blossom when Spring arrives, and the risk of low fruit then becomes higher. Basically the colder the Winter, the better it is for us here on the orchard!