Why you need to visit Yarra Valley Cherries farm this summer

For many, cherry season is one of the highlights of this time of the year, and a visit to the Yarra Valley Cherries farm should be top of your list this summer. After all, it’s not an Australian summer until you’ve eaten your fill of these delicious fruits. 

Just a short drive from Melbourne, Yarra Valley Cherries is an Australian owned boutique premium cherry grower that produces firm crunchy cherries that are full of flavour. 

Yarra Valley Cherries is located in Seville in the beautiful Upper Yarra Valley, with the orchard situated in the lee of the Warramate Hills. The location is perfectly placed for an easy and relaxed scenic drive and is an ideal daytrip from Melbourne. The farm and accompanying farmgate sales shop can be found just 1km from the Warburton Highway, with the turnoff just past the Seville township. 

The farmgate sales shop is open daily from 8:30am – 5:30pm (from 23 November 2019) and stocks freshly picked premium cherries that are available in 1kg punnets, 2kg and 5kg boxes. All the fruit is packed and graded on the day of picking, so its freshness is assured.  

In addition to fresh fruit, special and unique products such as cherry jam and 100% premium cold pressed cherry juice are also stocked and available for purchase.  

With a visit to the farmgate sales shop, there’s an opportunity to view the packing shed located next door. The packing shed provides an insight into the highly controlled grading and packing process used by Yarra Valley Cherries, which includes a state-of-the-art high definition electronic grading machine.

Since cherries are synonymous with summer and are only available for a short period, you’ll want to ensure you enjoy the best available – like the ones produced at Yarra Valley Cherries. Pay a visit to the Yarra Valley Cherries farm and delight in the freshness, crunchiness, and sweetness of their delicious fruit.