What is the Secret to Our Exceptionally Fresh, Rich, Crunchy Cherries?

Yarra Valley Cherries’ staff play a key role not only in the cultivation of the orchard, but in the picking of the cherries. In season, Cherry picking starts daily at 5am, but only if the conditions are perfect: no picking in the rain or when temperatures are above 30 degrees Celsius. The outcome of our carefully cultivated fruit and perfectly timed picking is the harvesting of most cherries with a Brix level of 18 and above.

The Brix level indicates the ratio of sugar in cherries. Along with other factors such as the level of acidity, a high Brix level creates the unique sweet flavour of the fruit. The internationally recognised standard for excellence of quality is a Brix score of 16 and above.

The growing of cherries is based on long established farming practices. However, our use of the best available new technology ensures our cherries are picked, graded, packed so they are available to you as fast as possible. Within 30 minutes of picking, Yarra Valley Cherries’ fruit is taken to a state-of-the-art hydro cooler where the temperature is reduced to 3 degrees Celsius.

Later, on the same day as they were picked, the cherries are graded and packed. Yarra Valley Cherries’ high-techelectronic grading machine has completely automated the sorting and grading process, ensuring minimum handling of our cherries, and guaranteeing the quality and uniformity of the fruit. Providing the best of both worlds, staff are still involved, enhancing the quality assurance of the grading cameras. Our staff oversee every step ensuing only the best fruit is chosen, graded and packed.