Picking, Grading and Packing

Over 30 pickers arrive at 6am to handpick the varieties that are ripe that day. Once picked the cherries travel from the orchard straight to our hydro cooler which cools them to 3 degrees in preparation for grading.

The cherries are then taken from our cool room and placed into our high definition electronic grading machine. This state of the art equipment, using highly sophisticated software, records 30 images of each cherry and classifies them by colour and size, and separates any damaged fruit.

Our cherries are then packed to order for our domestic or export markets into punnets, 2kg or 5kg boxes. We use great care during both the manual and system parts of the packing process to ensure the quality of our fruit is maintained and no fruit damage is sustained.

We use the highest quality packaging materials, with our cherries initially placed in a long life modified atmosphere plastic bag, and then into our custom designed boxes. Our quality packaging ensures the freshness of our fruit is maintained regardless of its final destination.

Our quality assurance system includes accreditation for HACCP based food safety and quality systems, and we are registered to use the Australian Grown symbol.