Yarra Valley Cherries

Our Orchard

Our orchard is situated on the rolling hills of the Upper Yarra Valley in the lee of the Warramate Hills. We grow over 40 different cherry varieties, which ripen from early November through to early in the New Year, ensuring continuous fresh supply.

Our special orchard terroir and microclimate ensures firm crunchy cherries with a rich taste and flavour. Our varieties include Merchant, Stella, Lapin, Bing and Simone.

We have over 15,000 trees spread across our 32 acre orchard surrounded by beautiful rolling pastures.

Our local climate ensures more than 800 chill hours annually, resulting in reliable fruit set. Our trees are pollinated by over 3 million bees which we introduce to augment the work of native bees.

Our customer testimonials confirm we produce crunchy, full flavoured cherries with long shelf life.