Y A R R A   V A L L E Y   C H E R R I E S

Visit us at our Farmgate sales shop located at 585 Victoria Rd, Seville.  We have 1kg punnets, 2kg and 5kg boxes of cherries (including seconds when available) for sale. All our fruit is picked, graded and packed on our orchard in Yarra Valley which ensures its freshness.

Located adjacent to our packing shed, a visit to our Farmgate sales shop will give you an insight into the grading and packing process. Yarra Valley Cherries is easy to locate. We’re approximately 1km from the Warburton Highway, with the turnoff just past the Seville township at the top of the hill as you head to Yarra Junction.

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Yarra Valley Cherries are able to guarantee the freshest fruit due to their unique advantage of growing, picking, grading and packing their cherries on our orchard in Seville, facilitating same day market access. Our focus on quality is supported by a state of the art high definition electronic grading machine, operating in tandem with advanced quality control systems.