Delectable Cherries: Direct from Our Orchard to You

The glossy deep red colour and sweet juicy flavour of cherries are a definite sign of warmer weather. The taste sparks memories of long, lazy summer afternoons, divine Christmas dinners, and days of yummy leftovers for lunch; eating, drinking and celebrating with family and friends.

Cherries are a traditional Australian favourite at this time of year: eaten fresh on their own, or in delicious savoury and sweet dishes. Whether as a treat for yourself, or as a gift to friends and family, you can enjoy the highest quality cherries straight from Yarra Valley Cherries’ orchard to your taste buds.

Yarra Valley Cherries

Yarra Valley Cherriesis an Australian owned, boutique, premium cherry grower with the aspiration to produce the freshest and highest quality cherries available.

Located in Seville in the beautiful Upper Yarra Valley, they grow more than 30 different varieties of cherry (with over 20,000 trees), ensuring you can buy the best cherries throughout the season:

  • Early, sweet delights in November;
  • Rich favourites in early December;
  • and ripe beauties mid to end of December.

That’s seven weeks of superb fresh cherries, from medium and large sized product through to extra-large jumbo fruit.

Building its reputation on growing premium, single-origin cherries, Yarra Valley Cherries offers a locally produced product, ensuring you always access the freshest fruit. Conveniently located close to Melbourne, it is easy for you to purchase direct from their farmgate. The provenance of all Yarra Valley Cherries’ produce is their Yarra Valley orchard, which means they are grown in its unique terroir of grey alluvial clay where the trees work much harder to grow the cherries, which produces complex, richly flavoured high-quality product.

Guaranteeing the freshest fruit due to the unique advantage of growing, picking, grading and packing their cherries right on the orchard in Seville, Yarra Valley Cherries utilise a state of the art definition electronic grading machine to grade and separate their fruit. Every cherry passes under cameras which snap 30 images of each cherry. They are all graded based on colour and size. You can be sure that the cherries from Yarra Valley Cherrieswill surpass your expectations for taste, quality, crunchiness and freshness.


The luxurious gift of fresh cherries

Choosing the right gifts for Christmas can be stressful, not to mention what to bring to all your social events in the summer/Christmas period. Yarra Valley Cherries invites you to celebrate this 2019 season by ordering the perfect gift for your favourite foodie: a Yarra Valley Cherries gift box.

Or you can order for yourself! Have a fresh supply of beautiful cherries on hand to bring with you during the festive season – or to enjoy on your own!

You can order online to be delivered to you, or buy direct from the farmgate. Available in 2kg or 5kg gorgeous gift boxes of cherries, Yarra Valley Cherries also offer you the unique taste of cold pressed cherry juice and cherry chips for smoking foods. Yarra Valley Cherries provides you with the opportunity to give unique, delicious corporate or personal gifts to your friends, clients or colleagues or just to enjoy them yourself.